Life to us is about experience. Everyone has the right to a good time, but through bad experiences comes lessons. It is up to us as humans to realize that we determine how we perceive each experience we have.

To find continued happiness, one must learn to laugh at their own failures, learn from their short comings, and progress through love. The Universe we live in revolves around time, space, and matter. This means we are physically bound by those three things as humans on Earth, but we have been gifted an ability to think. This ability has the potential to change everything. Whether you accept the idea of a higher power or not, we are still bound physically by three dimensions with the ability to think about nothing. When we stop our thoughts for a period of time, our bodies go on autopilot and we go to space mentally. It is here we have the ability to build our own reality our own utopia. This is our super power.

Think About Nothing.


This is a movement.

Love one another. For your own life will depend on it. Love creates life. Love unconditionally to accept more people.

Who Inspires You?

Inspiration Sparks Creativity Who is the person who is responsible for how you act other than yourself? Personally, I am inspired by many...



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